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They have observed but been unable to explain why the number of spots peaks every 11 years.

A University of Washington study published this month in the journal Physics of Plasmas…. In my opinion such….


Guest essay by Eric Worrall Trailing Democrat Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson has demanded a year of military style conscription for all young people, to help combat the climate crisis. The data in the graph is well known, from the International Disasters Database and was graphed by Bjorn Lomberg.

Thunberg made…. Guest post by Kevin Kilty Introduction This short essay was prompted by a recent article regarding improvements to uncertainty in a global mean temperature estimate. Conventional Energy Assets.

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Retail Energy Markets. Advising suppliers on energy procurement risk management and regulatory obligations. Identifying strategic opportunities and risks due to disruptive market developments and regulatory change.

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In-depth studies of changing market frameworks and regulation and their impact on energy businesses. Structuring commercial agreements and developing solutions for asset and portfolio optimisation. Advising companies and investors in the process of acquiring or disposing of energy assets. Ofgem is in the process of reforming the way in which users pay for access to and use of [ Wattbike Atom is the most realistic, intelligent and effective smart trainer on Earth. Real Ride Feel technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road.


So all the pain you put yourself through indoors translates directly to performance improvement where it really matters. Atom is the smartest indoor bike on the planet. Whether you want to ride with friends on Zwift, download custom training plans from TrainingPeaks, upload your Garmin data or test your mettle with a Sufferfest challenge, Atom makes it simple and seamless.

Improving technique radically improves your pedal efficiency and power output. Our innovative analysis tools, Polar View and Pedalling Effectiveness Score, visualise how you apply force through each stroke so you can optimise your technique. Even the most experienced cyclists can make minor adjustments that can have a major impact on overall speed, endurance and performance.