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As with most things in Linux, there are different ways to do it. You can use the Quit icon located in the upper-right corner of your screen or use the same button located in the System menu. Either way, you can choose to shut down or restart your system. You can also choose to hibernate saves a copy of the running state to disk and shutdowns or suspend saves the current running state to memory. We would recommend using either shutdown or reboot to ensure you get a clean system when it comes back up.

If you are working at the command line, you can immediately shut down your system by using the shutdown command like this:. For new users, installing Ubuntu is just the beginning of a new and highly rewarding journey on the path to learning Linux.

Ubuntu Unleashed - Matthew Helmke, Andrew Hudson - Google книги

For Ubuntu system administrators, the task ahead is to fine-tune the installation and to customize the server or user environment. Previous page. Table of content. Next page. On this laptop, the single Gb drive has been partitioned into two roughly equal areas C: and D:. These are shown in the three!

As per normal, this is to sort of separate programs in C: from data in D:, however everyone stuffs stuff into C and only thinks about D when C is full. Back to the partitioning tool, after the Preparing to install Ubuntu screen, you get Allocate Drive Space, where you should not select the option to format the disc!

Ubuntu 15 10 Review!

Choose, Specify Partitions Manually and then you are shown the drive space breakdown. The image above is the result of the partitioning process we are undertaking here. File System. How much space is needed for Linux?

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Choose the Change option when selecting the last disk area sda5 for me and reduce the space by Mb. This should clunk along for a bit and then show part of the line at the top grayed out, meaning no longer allocated. There should also be a free space entry at the end of the table.

Getting started with the Ubuntu command line

Now the three areas above can be Added, see book for further details, but note that you need to specify Logical rather than Physical for some reason that I kno not wot c N. Hopefully everything else should be reasonably self-explanatory. Set up wi-fi and use Update Manager to get the software to its latest version for me, it was shouting in the left hand icon bar on login. Now things are getting there! Next time, adding some devices. See Linux on U36J: root partition running out of space for more details. Reblogged this on anthonyvenable and commented: I love this book, it is packet with info.

Thanks for the kind words, and I love how you built upon what you learned in the book and stretched out. Thanks for sharing and well done. Hi Mr Author!

Thanks for reading my post. I left an earlier reply but it seems to have got gobbled up, and that looks like what has happened to my images here too! I particularily appreciate your qualitative judgements between utilities as this is not possible to get from technical documentation.

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