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Watch: Metro cop allegedly under the influence of alcohol threatens bystanders [videos]. Latest Posts.

Why the testimony of Zola Tsotsi can topple SA’s state capture architects

Read more. Watch: Metro cop allegedly under the influence of alcohol threatens bystanders [videos] Daily Lotto results for Tuesday, 24 September No agenda. Only later, when he stops the car, does he realise that her baby is in the back seat.

He abandons the car, and takes the baby with him. The story is not centred on a conflict between people of different races, but on the consequences of conflict and poverty.

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Tsotsi is a young man without a past or an education. He viciously beats his friend, who asks him if he understand the word decency. Nor does he know his real name. Much later he meets some children living in empty sewer pipes, just as he did.

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A flashback reveals a violent father, and a sick mother — and his name, David. The DVD offers three endings to the film, and in doing so, Gavin Hood is allowing his audience to ask what do you want to happen to David?

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Is there hope in the not-so-new South Africa for him? The South African government has an ambitious house-building programme, to bring an end to the squatter camps, but what are the long term solutions for the cities, and for places like QwaQwa?

The Parliamentary state capture investigation has dropped its biggest bombshell yet

In trying to find the decency in a killer, the film anxiously accounts for his every misdeed. The unquestioned leader of a four-man gang in the Johannesburg slums, Chweneyagae has people twice his size shrinking away from him, including the other three toughs in his crew.

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His viciousness is established early when he tacitly orders the stabbing of a wealthy businessman on a subway train, then half-kills a fellow gang member for raising moral objections. Things take a turn when he ventures into an upper-class neighborhood and shoots a mother Nambitha Mpumlwana in a botched carjacking, only to realize later that her baby is still sitting in the backseat.

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In a panic, Chweneyagae plops the child into a paper shopping bag and heads back into the township without a clue as to how to take care of it. To that end, he enlists a widowed mother Terry Pheto at gunpoint to nurse the baby and teach him the finer points of child-rearing. Something about babies turns all men into Steve Guttenberg.