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In addition, the inherently modular nature of PV technology helps to make PV systems more resilient to extreme weather than traditional power plants that they replace. Large coal, natural gas, and nuclear plants are prone to cascading failures when part of a system is damaged. With large-scale PV, even if a section of a solar project is damaged, most of the system is likely to continue working.

And while large-scale solar systems depend on transmission lines that may be affected by extreme weather, the projects themselves are frequently back in service soon after the events. Getting to high levels of PV usage is desirable, given all the benefits that solar offers, but it also presents challenges.

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Those challenges are not insurmountable, however; upgrades to technology and updates to how electricity is bought and sold can help make increasing levels of solar penetration possible. One challenge for rooftop solar is that having power flowing from customers, instead of to them, is a relatively new situation for utilities. Neighborhoods where many homes have adopted solar can approach a point at which the rooftop systems can produce more than the neighborhood can use during the day.

Large-scale PV projects face their own challenges in that they can be located far away from urban centers, often requiring transmission lines to carry the electricity to where it will actually be used. The variability of solar generation associated with PV at both scales presents new challenges because grid operators cannot control the output of these systems with the flip of a switch like they can with many non-renewable power plants.

The amount of generation from PV systems depends on the amount of sunshine at any given time. When clouds block the sun, generation from a solar array can drop suddenly. Conversely, on particularly sunny days with high amounts of solar on the grid, if the output from non-renewable energy power plants is not reduced to allow for the solar generation, electricity supplies could exceed demand. Both situations can lead to instability on the grid. But the issues associated with adding more PV to the grid are eminently solvable.

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Fixes to the transmission and feeder issues are largely economic, not technical. And variability challenges are well understood in part because grid operators already manage fluctuations caused by constantly changing electricity demand and drops in electricity supplies when large power plants or transmission lines unexpectedly fail. Much of the variability inherent in solar generation is also predictable and manageable, and can be handled in several ways including:.

Overall, renewable energy sources including solar help to stabilize and make the U. Photovoltaics report. Technology roadmap: Concentrating solar power.

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Paris, France. Solar power plants deliver peak load. McLaren, J.

How do solar cells work?

Heeter, C. Linvill, J. Shenot, R. Sedano, and J. Regulatory considerations associated with the expanded adoption of distributed solar.

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We can shift our nation away from dirty fossil fuels and toward cleaner, renewable sources of power—but not without you. Your generous support helps develop science-based solutions for a healthy, safe, and sustainable future. Installing rooftop solar panels has never been more affordable. See how the United States can dramatically expand renewable energy. Urge your member of Congress to support including federal funding to make our infrastructure offshore wind ready in the LIFT America Act. Skip to main content.

How Solar Panels Work. When sunlight hits the solar panel, PV cells get to work by producing direct current DC electricity. On to inverters! Some have a microinverter attached behind each solar panel. The most important thing to know about inverters is that they convert DC electricity, produced by the solar panels, into alternating current AC electricity. Solar electricity runs through your net meter, makes itself comfortable in your home, and powers your appliances. What happens if you produce more power than you use?

It might seem counterintuitive to be on the traditional power grid when you have a solar energy system, but being on the power grid has its advantages. It allows you to use as much electricity as you need before sending any excess power back to your power company to use. Net metering is when your local utility company agrees to provide energy credits for any surplus power you produce and send it back to the power grid.

In some cases, these energy credits can roll over so you accrue them long-term, and some utilities will even cut you a check for your power production credits. The net meter device is installed in the home and measures the electricity going to and from the power grid. This meter is similar to the electric meter you probably have now, but it measures power going in two directions instead of just one.

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  • Have more questions? Get even more specifics on net metering here. This seems backward right? Let us explain: summer means more sunlight which also means more solar power production. Now add in the value of accruing net metering credits, and while it may seem slow at first, it ends up saving you money in the long-run.

    How do Solar cells work?

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