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DRI promotes political participation of citizens, accountability of state bodies and the development of democratic institutions world-wide. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen local constituencies, both on the governmental and non-governmental side, to consolidate the democratic transition process in Pakistan, specifically with a view to human rights protection and effective, decentralised governance.

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As part of this project DRI requires the services of a Consultant on Local Governance to develop a briefing paper which will:. If you are interested in this position, please send your application cover letter and CV to asia democracy-reporting. The position may be filled before the end of the deadline so early applications are encouraged. Women and people from diverse backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

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Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If you are shortlisted, DRI interviews will take place over Skype. Despite low voter turnout, systematic prepolling conditions that did not favor free and fair elections, and looming security threats, Pakistanis cast their vote decisively against retired general President Pervez Musharraf and against the Islamist parties. Musharraf, suffered an absolute route.

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Despite the accolades offered by imminent persons, there are allegations of irregularities. The leadership of the Pakistan People's Party PPP , the party of deceased Benazir Bhutto, believes the government "selectively rigged" some constituencies to minimize their victories while plumping up the gains by the Pakistan Muslim-League-N, led by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Leadership of the PPP contends this was done to constrain its power and options in forming the government.

While it will take some time to determine the degree to which this election was or was not manipulated and by whom, the exercise seems to have passed the first test: Pakistanis appear pleasantly surprised and, indeed, there have been few signs of disaffection with the results. Surely the electoral exercise surprised Mr.

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  • Musharraf's critics who expected widespread fraud. Despite expectations of violence, the voting was relatively peaceful. However, political stability remains elusive, as does the fate of Mr. Musharraf — with many voters and politicians calling for his departure from office.

    One small step for democracy, one giant leap for Pakistan?

    Now that the votes have been cast and counted, the political parties have begun negotiating coalitions and concessions that ultimately will decide who will form the government at the center and in the provinces. Following the elections, it took some two months to finally anoint a prime minister. While Mr. Musharraf is down, he may not be out.

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    As parties seek to maximize their access to power, they may seek out curious bedfellows. The PPP could team up with Mr.

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    Such a pairing may give Mr. Musharraf a new lease on his political life, though the move may be unpalatable among the PPP's stalwart supporters who loathe the Musharraf government. The United States must be prepared to engage whoever emerges from this volatile mix of coalition politics, even if it means Mr.