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Atg5 and Ambra1 differentially modulate neurogenesis in neural stem cells. Autophagy regulation by miRNAs: when cleaning goes out of service. Apaf1 plays a pro-survival role by regulating centrosome morphology and function. Caspase-3 triggers early synaptic dysfunction in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.

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Nature Neuroscience. Unleashing the Ambra1-Beclin 1 complex from dynein chains: Ulk1 sets Ambra1 free to induce autophagy. The role of autophagy during development in higher eukaryotes. Traffic Copenhagen, Denmark. A brain-specific isoform of mitochondrial apoptosis-inducing factor: AIF2.

Neuronal caspase-3 signaling: not only cell death.

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Foregut separation and tracheo-oesophageal malformations: the role of tracheal outgrowth, dorso-ventral patterning and programmed cell death. Developmental Biology. Apoptosome pharmacological manipulation: From current developments in the laboratory to clinical implications Apoptosome: An Up-and-Coming Therapeutical Tool.

Early biochemical and morphological modifications in the brain of a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease: a role for peroxisomes. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease : Jad. Cannabinoid action induces autophagy-mediated cell death through stimulation of ER stress in human glioma cells. The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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Apoptosis is not required for mammalian neural tube closure. A novel player in the pmediated autophagy: Sestrin2. Inflammation triggers synaptic alteration and degeneration in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. The role of autophagy in mammalian development: cell makeover rather than cell death. Intracellular bacteriolysis triggers a massive apoptotic cell death in Shigella-infected epithelial cells. A dual role of p53 in the control of autophagy. Analysis of neuronal cell death in mammals.

Methods in Enzymology. Apoptosome-deficient cells lose cytochrome c through proteasomal degradation but survive by autophagy-dependent glycolysis. Molecular Biology of the Cell. Faf1 is expressed during neurodevelopment and is involved in Apaf1-dependent caspase-3 activation in proneural cells.

Regulation of autophagy by cytoplasmic p The involvement of cell death and survival in neural tube defects: a distinct role for apoptosis and autophagy? Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy in higher eukaryotes. The apoptosome: emerging insights and new potential targets for drug design. Pharmaceutical Research. Nonapoptotic role for Apaf-1 in the DNA damage checkpoint. Molecular Cell. A novel role for autophagy in neurodevelopment.

Ambra1 regulates autophagy and development of the nervous system. Autophagic and apoptotic response to stress signals in mammalian cells. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics. Conditional activation of Pax6 in the developing cortex of transgenic mice causes progenitor apoptosis. Development Cambridge, England. Analysis of apoptosome dysregulation in pancreatic cancer and of its role in chemoresistance. Apoptosome impairment during development results in activation of an autophagy program in cerebral cortex.

Endoplasmic reticulum stress induces apoptosis by an apoptosome-dependent but caspase independent mechanism. The Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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Apaf1 mediates apoptosis and mitochondrial damage induced by mutant human SOD1s typical of familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neurobiology of Disease.

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Localization of Apaf1 gene expression in the early development of the mouse by means of in situ reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction. Expanding roles of programmed cell death in mammalian neurodevelopment. Apoptosome inactivation rescues proneural and neural cells from neurodegeneration.

Apaf1-dependent programmed cell death is required for inner ear morphogenesis and growth. Caspase regulation of genotoxin-induced neural precursor cell death. Journal of Neuroscience Research. Journal of Molecular Evolution. Physiological and pathological roles of Apaf1 and the apoptosome. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. Apoptosis-inducing factor AIF : key to the conserved caspase-independent pathways of cell death?

Apoptosis-inducing factor is involved in the regulation of caspase-independent neuronal cell death. Different role of Apaf-1 in positive selection, negative selection and death by neglect in foetal thymic organ culture. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology. Caspase-8 and Apafindependent caspase-9 activation in Sendai virus-infected cells. Glial cells generate neurons: the role of the transcription factor Pax6.

Apaf1 reduced expression levels generate a mutant phenotype in adult brain and skeleton. From ES cells to mice: the gene trap approach. Methods in Molecular Biology Clifton, N. Apaf1 in developmental apoptosis and cancer: how many ways to die? APAF1 is a key transcriptional target for p53 in the regulation of neuronal cell death. Spatial specification of mammalian eye territories by reciprocal transcriptional repression of Pax2 and Pax6.

Gene trap: a way to identify novel genes and unravel their biological function. Febs Letters. Expression of Foxb1 reveals two strategies for the formation of nuclei in the developing ventral diencephalon. Developmental Neuroscience. Interdigital cell death can occur through a necrotic and caspase-independent pathway.

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Brain Research. Developmental Brain Research. Apaf1 CED-4 homolog regulates programmed cell death in mammalian development. Maize polyamine oxidase: primary structure from protein and cDNA sequencing.